Tek-No-Bee A.K.A. Bjarne Goldbeck started spinning records for almost 15 years ago, after being infected by techno at an ‘’Awakenings’’ party in 1997.
During these years he performed in the Netherlands at known parties, festivals and clubs.
In Europe he played in all of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Slovenia and Czech Republic, Croatia, Ireland and Hungary.

Since 2003 he started seriously performing as a dj with Vinyl.
His mixes are brought to a higher level by extra effects, beat juggles and scratches or with 4 deck turntables. In 2003 he also started his own ''x-perimental'' parties in his hometown Uithoorn.
These parties gave young Techno talent a chance to prove them.

In 2006 he had his ''pitchshifter'' parties in his hometown to learn more about organizing.
This was for a non-profit organization.

In 2007 he started his own party together with a friend called: ''S.L.E.T''. (Sounds Like Extreme Techno).
He did two parties that year, but his main focus was still playing as a dj.

After that in 2009 he started to learn producing by the help of Tony Demoet. He started his label Tontek Records that has been releasing for 5 years now.
You can describe his style as a mixture of influences coming from the eighties and nineties with hip hop, soul and funk!

He loves to make the crowd move, so his productions always have a really great drive!
He is one of the founders of ''Spuit 11'' techno parties at the Rhone warehouse in Amsterdam that was very successful in 2012/2013.
Main influences
Dave Clarke, Chris Liebing, The Advent & Industrialyzer, Ben Sims, Marco Bailey, Thomas Krome, Adam Beyer, Ignition Technisian, D.A.V.E the drummer.

Tontek Records
In 2005 Dj Tek-No-Bee met dj/producer Tony Demoet. They found out that they both shared the love for pounding oldschool Techno. Since then Dj Tek-No-Bee has evolved as a dj and started learning producing in 2008 with the help of Tony Demoet. Tony Demoet made some killer productions for Protocast, Algophia records and Pray 4 more records. After that in 2008 Tontek records was founded by Bjarne Nooter and Tony Demoet and they released its first single in january 2009. Its mission statement was to showcase the finest established Techno producers alongside promising and upcoming techno artists, from around the globe and from the Netherlands. It has developed an instantly recognizable 'sound' and Tontek records wants to deliver quality music. Tontek records are a digital label which aims to promote electronic music much further.

Supported by
Dave Clarke, Patrick DSP, Mattias Fridell, Vegim, Alexander Johansson, Glenn Wilson, Dave Angel, Oliver Kucera, Ritzi Lee, Carl Bateson, Axel Karakasis, Claudio Ponticelli, Drumcomplex, Errol Dix, Estroe, Jamie Anderson, Lilonee, Marek Hemmann, Mike Humphries, Oxia, Paul Mac, Pedro Delgardo, Umek, G8, !1 Ambivalent, K.E.N.Y.U., Mark Rey.

Spuit 11, Pro Techno, Fuck You We're From Eindhoven, Switch,Emma, Lazy sundays, Spoorloos, Sarm, Chateau Techno, Secret rave society, Hellbound, Flockers, Solid grooves, S.L.E.T, WIOYM, Kranck, Infinity festival, Pigfest(CZ), Lokomotion(SI), Back 2 the future, Pand14, Nature one(DE), Mess festival, Q-dance, Condo techno, Twstd.

Ying Yang Records(UK)Tontek records(NL), Unaffected records(CZ), Audio donor records(IE), Techno addicted records(ES), Flatlife digital recordings(NL),AK recordings(UA), Valvula records(BR), Alekso records(SI), Grooveworxx(AT), Envenom records(PT), Saphir records(FR), Oxytech(IT), Cats love bass(IT), Assasin soldier recordings(MX), Lungfiller recordings(UK).

Bookings & collaboration
For Bookings call:+31(0)610908515 or contact Cosmodance booking
Tontek Music agency: htttp://

Open to working on projects, and for bookings, remixes or collaboration, send an e-mail to:

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