News 21-03-2007

Tek-No-bee has been invited to play @ under construction @ Lelystad.
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M.E.S.S: under construction

M.E.S.S. is... A party in Lelystad, takes place at a construction site directly behind central station. On the 23th June 2007 from 12.00 till 22.00 dancing in the open air, after this event you can go to a afterparty in a club in the neighborhood.
M.E.S.S. means... Making Everyone Sense Sound. Sound as in house in it’s broadest form: building up from house to minimal and Techhouse to Techno. Everone is going to feel the sound of M.E.S.S: by the high numbers of decibel and lots of bass this goal will surely be achieved, The dj’s responsible are Wouter de Moor(awakenings festival) Roy el kei, Vincent de Wit(ARMS), D-jay-alias(Q-Dance), TechnoBastard(M.E.S.S), it's Tricky, DJ Shinagl(M.E.S.S) and Tek-No-Bee(S.L.E.T, Flockers,EOB) will make sure this happens!
M.E.S.S. looks like... A pimped construction site, oil drums, car tires, building platforms, pallets and building materials will get a whole different meaning! Building platforms with DJ's and MC’s on top, house- en break dancers who give the whole picture extra spice, live performing graffiti-artists, a bar and food stands will provide for a broaden d├ęcor within the theme "under construction".

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