New Releases on TonTek

Tontek Records come this February/March with a lot of new releases. Tek-No-Bee and Tony Demoet have been working hard this month to bring you the funkiest, the grooviest, the hardest new techno sounds. Tontek Records have also joined Juno Records.
Tontek02-Tek-No-Bee-What the F#ckTek-No-Bee has been busy this February and March with 2 new productions.He has been infected by Techno since 1999 and now he comes with his first release for Tontek Records with this awesome oldschool track. It’s called What the f#ck and what the luck is the more funkier one this will be released second week of March. Label owner and producer Tek-No-Bee lets his funky beats, pumping synths and lots of FX sounds to blow your mind! These 2 productions are dance floor fillers you don't want to miss

Tontek03 -Tony Demoet-West AllisWest Allis is a new Track by Tony Demoet on TonTek Records, this track is a massive techhouse/minimal track with some great detroit sounds. Be sure to listen this release because it’s rocking all the way!

Tontek04 - Memoria-Nephenta & Tontek05-Swedish Meatballs
This Month we would like to add 2 new members to the Tontek Techno family bringing you quality Techno from the Netherlands. First new member is
Memoria from Italy bringing the drumcode style techno sound with their new releases Swedish Meatballs and Nephenta. This track by the stranger Memoria is a real techno floor filler! This track contains a massive beat with some latin influences. Memoria is a new producer on TonTek Records and will do some more releases in the future. There have already been some good responses. Nephenta is currently in the Techno top100 of Track it down and was highest noted as number 4! Swedish Meatballs is currently noted 62 in the Techno top 100!

(UPCOMING) Tontek06 - Anthony Abuse-Closing time EP + Remixes

Also new to the Family is
Anthony Abuse This Techno producer comes from the south of Holland with his harder techno style he will be bringing the booming Techno sound. His production is called closing time with 2 remixes by Tony Demoet and Tek-No-Bee. This stomping production will hit the clubs. This booming track will be released in the second week on March!

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