NEWS 19-02-2009

Tek-No-Bee has been invited to play at Pigfest 14 Plzen in the Czech republic on 18th Of April.Last mini tour Tek-No-bee and Hillywood brothers played together with 4 decks and they were asked to come back again. This time for 1700 party peeps during this 2 day Festival.This will be held at KD PEKLO in Plzen.
Line Up: Space djz, Dj Agent vs pavel krejdl, Tek-No-Bee Vs Hillywood brothers, Skillz Brothaz, Jack-O
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Also the 27 th of March Tek-No-Bee has been asked to play at Almere club Wauw.Crazy circus was a booking for his Agency Cosmocad. This party is a pre Techno party for the bustrip to Timewarp they are organising.
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