New release Tontek Records

TontekT2 Album - Various Artists

Tontek have been really busy with lots of projects. This year they come with a special album with the best of 2010 and unreleased and rewamped tracks. Lots of goodies here with tracks of Tek-No-Bee,Malda,Mattias Fridell, Alexey Kotlyar, Alexander Johansson, Anthony Abuse,George Privatti,Jack wax & Mark Rey.
For special price you get this Tontek pack with 10 Killer tracks
Big floor fillers! check it out!

Tontek23 - George Privatti - Spanish Inquisition EP

Tontek have been quiet for a while. They have big plans for 2011. Tontek records come with the Spanish inquisition EP with George Privatti from Spain. Funky grooving techno tracks hitten the techno charts. Also nice remixes on the flip by Tony Demoet driving it all the way and Tek-No-Bee pounding Tribal techno sound. Check out this 4 track EP.Don't miss out!

Tontek22 - Alexander Johansson - Bolt + Remixes

More prime-time techno here on the Tontek label as Tony Demoet serves up a rocking re-rub! Big room techno here with deep and dark synths and a seriously pounding groove, this will sound incredible on a big system, trust us! More mixes to check, but this is the one for us!

Tontek 21 - Anthony Abuse - Environment + Remixes

Tontek come on strong this year with booming releases hitting TID top 100. This time Anthony Abuse comes again with a funky pounding track called enviroment. Inspired by art he rips his artistic bomb to let you move on the dancefloor. Nice breaks and nice builds will surely make you see things different. Also nice remixes by label owner Tony Demoet and Tek-No-Bee's pangea mix and nice tribal stuff from Alexey kotlyar! Don't miss out this summer!

TonTek20 - Tek-No-Bee - Mary u wanna

Tek-No-Bee has been really busy with alot of new releases on other Techno labels coming out soon. And now for Tontek he comes with a funky Tribal beast with nice grooves and funky piano's and nice builds to blow you away! Also a nice remix from Spain with George Privatti remix on the flip side. Check it out and feel the groove!

TonTek19 - Mattias Fridell - Simulcast

Mattias Fridell has been having some fantastic success recently with all his releases being supported at the highest level.Again For TonTek Records he delivers again an awesome pounding techno track that drift you off to space. Stunning remixes by Drumcomplex, Tony Demoet and a special acid remix by Infosphere

Tony Demoet is a techno producer who really looks set to continue doing damage! He makes a welcomed return to our ears with a brand new release on Tontek. This Ep rolls along with a wicked deep and tribal groove and twisted, filtered synth line! Check the flip for a amazing trip to techno town. Great remix by Dj Cristiao and exec!
Tracks can be bought at Trackitdown,Juno!

Tontek17 - Jude Rush - Rock ya Body EP

Tontek are on a role with there 17th release. Amazing tracks and remixes here from Tontek records and some proper funky techno for the masses Jude Rush serves up this tribal monster this is trademark stuff with big chunky, funky and tribal loops, subby basses and some great piano’s! Also funky pounding remixes from Tek-No-Bee and Tony Demoet will make the dance floors move!

Tontek16 - Anthony Abuse - Homicide EP

Huge Techno tracks and remixes here from Tontek Records and this track has really blown us away! Tontek have been hitting us with lots of funky pounding Techno tunes last year. Big, chunky, funky and pounding techno at it's very best that will rock those techno dance floors like never before! Remixes by Tony Demoet & Tek-No-Bee. Please make sure you check the whole EP though, big tune!

Tontek15 - Drugbank - The Fool EP

This Year Tontek records come back strong with Drugbank-The Fool. Funky Techno straight from the core with lots of nice synths and nice builds and breaks. These mysterious guys come with another dance floor filler! Classic stuff!

Track Information:
This track has seen some big support from the likes of Wyrus, Alexey Kotlyar, DJ Cristiao and more - LARGE!

New 14th release Mattias Fridell-Gladiator hits Trackitdown and Juno records.Just before the big bang of this year 2009 Tontek records go out with a bang! This 14th release will blow you all the way to Sweden! This time Swedish multi talented artist/producer Mattias Fridell, is known for his driving techno tracks.Prepare for some pounding techno!! Also check out the remix by Tony Demoet.

Year review

Tontek records have had a good year with their first 14th releases on many digital stores. Next year they will bring it to the next level with proper sounding techno and pounding beats, with new artists from all over the world we want to make the techno family bigger than before. We want to wish everyone a good new year and a better techno year!
Tontek Family:Brad lee(USA),Mattias Fridell(SE),Darren Jones(MT)Drugbank(COL),Memoira(IT)Errol dix(AUT)Tony Demoet(NL),Tek-No-Bee(NL)Anthony Abuse(NL)Infosphere(NL)

New Release on Audio donor records Tek-No-Bee-Salsa vida EP

Audio Donor deliver their last release of the year and it's a beauty! proper authentic sounding funky techno with real salsa vocals, plenty of tribal loops and a rolling, funky groove! These guys end the year with a corker here so do not miss out on it! Also check the remixes by Wyrus,Brent sadowick,Errol dix.

New release Tontek Records this May

Dear friends, contacts and Techno lovers,

Tontek Records come this April/May with a new release from new artist Drugbank from Columbia. Be sure not to miss this release!

Tontek07-Drugbank-Sexual Assault (trackitdown Exclusive)
This track really will remember the 80's, a rocking track with deep bass lines, funky sounds and some vintage synth sounds. The filters and sweeps will get the crowd to rock the dance floor!!!! This tracks is now exclusive for sale @

Drugbank from Columbia are 2 new artists to the Techno Family of Tontek Records.
With their oldschool sound you will be amazed with the funky Techno sounds they bring.
Their music is inspired by when they were born in the eighties.

Podcasts with our releases Tony Demoet - Sharpei & Anthony Abuse - Closing Time

Tony Demoet - Sharpei

Youtube mix Anthony Abuse-closing time (Dj Tek-No-Bee remix)

Our release Memoira-Nephenta has been played by Judge Jules on Radio 1 BBC

Upcoming releases:

Tek-No-Bee-Nightboat to Amsterdam

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