Ell​-​Er - Tech (Tek​-​No​-​Bee Remix)

The Mind Ghosts EP will be the 17th release for Lung Filler Records and it sees the return of Ell-Er to the label after his previous EP 'Bubbles'. The EP features two original tracks 'For Those Of You' and 'Tech' along with Ell-Er's alternative 'Shoulderpad Mix' of 'Tech'. Accompanying those tracks are remixes from P-Styles and Tek No Bee. The whole EP works across a varied range of Techno and Tech House.

Tech (Tek-No-Bee Remix)
Tek-No-Bee ups the tempo significantly, giving the track a much faster pace and relentless feel. Pecussion, synth hits and noises all pans and echoes around the mix as the intro builds. These sounds carry through as the track hits with a resonant distorted synth kick/bass. White Noises builds through the track keeping the tension building throughout. The original sounds feature in the first short breakdown before the brutal kick and percussion drives the remix back into hard techno mode.
from [LUNG017] Ell​-​Er Mind Ghosts EP, released 10 March 2011

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