Mute Festival Budapest(HU)

Tek-No-Bee is invited to play at Festival in Budapest Hungary on the 6th of September.After a crazy party in Amsterdam two weeks ago Mute is preparing a banging party in Budapest again!We will celebrate our first year in Hungary! BE PREPARED! As you can expect from us we will do whatever it takes to bring you the best Techno dj's from around the world, nice visuals and an amazing atmosphere to forget everything around you! Keep following us for the latest information!

Main room: (TECHNO)

Vegim (KOS) (TMM RECORDS, Naked Lunch, Nachtstrom Schallplatten)

Tek No Bee (Tontek, Spuit 11, NED)

Transistor Behavior (NED)

Sebastian Hawkes(NED)

Tahko (NED)

Dr. Zoidberg (NVC)

Akos Veecs ( Airsound,DSR digital,The SAVE)

Nahal !! (Techno Legends Records, Naughty pills Records)

Flash-X & Feel (Artstyle Techno Records) 

D' Ora

Matthew Bomb (Techno Legends Records,Naked Lunch,Instruktor Records)

Chris Jansen (NED) 

OUTSIDE STAGE (House, Deep- Techhouse)

Dennis Hercules (NED) Soulshift Music (USA) White island record (Spain)

AgeS (Airsound, Drugstore Records) 

Sebastian Hawkes (NED)

Tahko (NED)

Greg Sol

Dr. Zoidberg (NVC)

Gerry Outing


Adam Frost 

LIVING ROOM (Deep- Techouse & Techno)

Adam BleakBass

Beni Wilde



EARLYBIRDS ( till 14-07-2014 or 100 db )
1000 HUF !
Pre sale: 1500 HUF !
Door: 18:00-20:00 1800 HUF (Incl Goulash & Bread) 18:00-05:00 1800 HUF 05:00-12:00 1000 HUF

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