Out soon Tek-No-Bee on Yin Yang Records Various Album

The EP starts with a sexy track by Alok, Icy and Paquet. Naughty people is a great vocal tech track with little breaks that keeps enchanting the dance floor with little hooks and breaks. Its a ripping little track that oozes quality.

Superb. Bove’s new Monster is a 4/4 tough monster with excellent eerie strings and plunky noises. It goes into a fantastic grungy ripping noise thats bound to rip up the dance floor with excitement. Bad as tune.

My Proyect (yes spelled this way).. Delivers with old school. This is a rolling baseline techno monster. Its a blend of the old style with a new school feel. It certainly is titled perfectly.. I love it.

I’Gor - The Well.. Well I’Gor.. (did you see what I did there).. This is a monster ass track. I’Gor from Holland delivered BIG BIG time with this hit. Techy stabs laced into this gem. This track takes you on a magical journey that you are bound to get lost in, just as I do every time I listen to it. Super Bomb.

Whats that Mr Santana? Listen? OK.. Holy shit.. This like the other tracks is the first release by the artist on Yin Yang.. and oh my god. This track by Richard is of the highest quality. Not only is it a magical techno journey, it is superbly produced and mixed. ‘Listen to me’ it cries.. I’m listening and I’M LEARNING.. Wow.. Thank you for such an epic bomb Richard.

Lastly we have Tek-NO-Bee.. and yes Computers are definitely the Future. New star to Yin Yang Tek-NO-Bee gives and takes us on his own little magic journey with this bad boy.. Every time I listen. I dance and I repeat i what it says.. Computers are the future.. Computers are the future.. Computers are the future.. .. HAAAA.. Another badd ass tune. Rinse and repeat…

All in all another High impact release of various tracks by various artists.. All winners.. Do you have a favourite?

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